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CareHK Face Mask for Adults (50pcs/Box)

ASTM F2100 Level 2
Made in Hong Kong with Q-Mark

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CareHK Face Mask for Kids


ASTM F2100 Level 2
Made in Hong Kong with Q-Mark

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About Us

Company Overview & Mission:

In light of the global coronavirus outbreak and the subsequent mask supply shortage crisis in Hong Kong, a few Hong Kong industrialists collectively felt that they are capable of serving the community and joined together, using their expertise and resources in respective fields to materialise local production of facial masks in short notice.

Born out of an initiative to do good, CareHK’s mission is simply to be mindful of those in need in the community and to provide quality medical supplies that can help protect the wellbeing of the society.


  • To supply safe and hygienic medical supplies compliant with international standards;
  • To become a champion of Hong Kong re-industrialisation;
  • To offer a safe and friendly working environment;
  • To become an environmentally conscious and sustainable manufacturer;
  • To be forward thinking and embracing the Industrial 4.0 movement;
  • To become a reliable supply source of medical supplies in Hong Kong; and
  • To be mindful of those in need in the community.